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#HERwords​ is a series of videos of women, gender minorities and gender non-conforming DJs and producers sharing their experience as gender minorities in the scene. We aim to put a face on this ongoing discussion, shed some light and visibility on the matter through personal stories, with the hope of eliminating it.
The series premiered on International Women's Day 2021, and there are more videos to come!

Want to share your story too?

Click on the below link and download the instructions!

A Greek-born, UK based melodic techno DJ and producer - these are #HERwords

[oct 26,2021]



Elena Kulstof


Salin is a melodic techno DJ and producer, from Athens - Greece, and these are #HERwords

[may 10,2021]


feat. Salin

Virginia (aka @VRGN) is the ½ of HER Project, from Athens - Greece, and these are #HERwords


feat. VRGN

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