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HER @ World Pride
DJ set & drag performance
with FO & VRGN, 
Mitsi Lou & Holly Grace

August has been quite challenging for Greece which had been undergoing extreme wildfires, resulting to thousands of acres being burned down to ashes, further environmental degradation and unhealthy living.

As much as it breaks our hearts that our home is being destroyed and unhealthy to live in, gender rights and gender equality remain a non-stop fight for HER Project.

After all, we aim for a better future for all

HER proudly participated this year at Copenhagen 2021 WorldPride & EuroGames with a triptych of events:

One of those three is a livestreamed DJ and drag performance, hosted at the most renowned LGBTQI+ clubs of the Athenian nightlife, Sodade.

DJ set by Fo & VRGN

Drag performance by Mitsi Lou & Holly Grace, 

Watch it below. 

Sodade2, Athens

Venue: Sodade2
Host: Copenhagen 2021 World Pride

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