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The Athens Digital Arts Festival Closing Party


HER collab

The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF), is an international organisation honouring the digital culture by bringing together artists and audience from all over the world. ADAF aims to accelerate, influence, inspire and promote all aspects of digital creation, by presenting both local and international artists and collectives. 


With its "eyes" set to the future, ADAF could not have a better closing, other than the sounds of techno, a music genre which expresses futuristic sound and technological evolution, ever since it was created.

The dynamic of women representing techno is "louder" than ever, becoming a strong reference point and presence that changes the current reality about a scene that is significantly male-dominated.

Through this initiative of the technical engineer Spiros Kassimis, four women/acts who have an important course in musical happenings in a local and international level, meet on stage to set the rhythm. 

Anna V, Fo, Jokasti & Nek and RENA will play music that is synchronised with what ADAF represents, for the first time in the Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Moussikis).

High end sound, visuals, basslines, synths, loops - they all become one and come to life in one special night that will be very much talked about!



Athens Concert Hall "Megaro Moussikis"

with Fo / Anna V / Jokasti & Nek / RENA

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