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She began to express her love of electronic music by interviewing DJs and producers, as well as filming videos from various parties in her home country, Poland. Her quest leads her to the acclaimed SAE in Amsterdam, where she deepens her love for house and techno. In 2013 she wins a world-wide DJs / producer contest at Burn & W Hotels.

Currently based in Berlin, VONDA7 has begun her own exciting journey to conquer the world through her sounds. The "Clash" elite magazine writes that "she is an integral part of the new wave of electronic music production." DJ Mag said that "her charming, trippy version of techno has its roots deep in the sound of Detroit".


Releases on Suara, Kraftek, Carioca Recordings, Einmusika, My Favorite Freaks, Second State, Last Night on Earth, Disorder, Kneaded Pains, and others. He has appeared at Watergate Club (Berlin), Suicide Circus (Berlin), Pacha (Ibiza), BAALSAAL (Hamburg), Q-Factory (Amsterdam), MOVE (Frankfurt), Chalet Club (Berlin).



Steam athens

with Fo / Ms. Lefki /

Cleopatra Fyntanidou

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