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Athens based music project / platform aiming to support, promote

and empower womxn & gender non-conforming DJs and producers in the electronic music industry

With the gender minorities in line ups reaching up to 17% only, womxn and gender nonconforming DJs and producers are a rarity and showcasing new talent is almost impossible.

#HER is a music project that was established in 2018 in Greece to showcase, support, introduce and celebrate women DJs and producers, who have been contributing (and want to contribute) to the electronic music scene.

Quality surpasses and undercuts gender, age, nationalities and solely focuses on the talent and inspiration, which characterize these women.





The idea and the concept belongs to Fofi Tsesmeli aka Fo, one of the most beloved and renowned DJs in Greece, with a long and respected trajectory in the dance music scene and the media.

The project was launched by organising several successful events in Athens. International DJs such as Kim Ann Foxman, VONDA7, and Skin Skinny of Skunk Anansie teamed up with local talent.

In May 2018, #HER co-organized and supported the event “Women In Techno_logy, the ADAF (Athens Digital Arts Festival) Closing Party”, which was held at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaron). For the first time in its history, techno music was played there by four Greek female DJs.


Upon #HER’s launch and the social media frenzy that followed, several and quite impressive demos from ladies of all ages reached our accounts, more and more event planners/organizers, clubs and festivals in the country have started looking into and booking more women. All this creative material couldn’t and wouldn’t have an outlet, if it wasn’t for #HER.

The long-term plan for this project is to evolve into a platform promoting women in music, but also generally in the Arts field. 

Check our "Events" page to stay tuned for upcoming events, seminars, and more to come

#HER aims to provide gender minorities in electronic music, the knowledge, skills, support, advice and any tools needed for them to evolve in the industry, in a safe and honest manner.

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